Kris Humphries sat next to Ray J on a plane!

Kris Humphries and Ray J

I’ve never been a huge believer in Karma, mostly because any universe that would allow Donald Trump to douche his way into billions of his father’s dollars without getting dick-punched into a coma clearly has its priorities misaligned. But lo and behold, I have been proven wrong: According to FanPhooey, after Kim Kardashian‘s own wedding was overshadowed by the KIM KARDASHIAN SEX TAPE THAT SHE PURPOSELY RELEASED ONTO THE MARKET, Kim’s hubbie Kris Humphries boarded a flight where he ended up sitting next to Ray J, the guy who peed on her in said sex tape. HA!

Apparently it only took a few minutes before Mr. Kardashian couldn’t take the awkwardness anymore and he moved to a seat in front of Ray J. Deciding to be the bigger man, Ray J walked up and congratulated Humphries on the wedding. Humphries acted at first as if he had no idea who the singer was (as if he doesn’t see his face in his nightmares every single night), until Ray J finally said “‘Come on, you know who I am. I just want to say congratulations” Humphries finally admitted that he knew who he was, and thanked him for his congratulations.

Fucking. Awesome. HA! Serves you right. There’s nothing wrong with doing porn (in fact, it’s actually pretty awesome), but if you’re going to get dirty and then try and pretend like you’re some chaste saint that’s just sooooooo above it, don’t be surprised when we call you out for being a slut. You can’t have your whore cake and pee on it too, honey.

Kris Humphries and Ray J

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