Kris Jenner is angry that Khloé revealed how horrible she is!

Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian

Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian

Just the other day, everyone found out that Kris Jenner wanted her daughter Khloé Kardashian to get a nose job when she was nine, and everyone just sort of rolled their eyes and went “well of course, she’s the devil.” Now comes the inevitable second step of any story involving Kris being called out for being a terrible mother: self-righteous, vindictive outrage! Yeah, instead of looking at that and having any sort of moment of clarity, she got pissed because that everyone found out. I repeat: She wasn’t angry with herself over being such a shallow, awful parent, but rather angry at Khloé for telling everyone about it. RadarOnline reports …

Failed talk show host Jenner was “absolutely blindsided by the nose job comments her daughter made in the interview. She wasn’t given a heads up it was even discussed! Kris has been getting heavily criticized on social media and she has been reading all of the negative comments. She is furious with Khloé for even bringing it up, and thinks it makes her look like a bad mother,” the source said.

That’s because she is a bad mother. But of course, this gives Kim Kardashian plenty of wiggle-room to suck up, because she too is the worst…

Meanwhile, Kim has been “comforting Kris and telling her it will all blow over. Kris is very appreciative of Kim, and knows she always has her back. Kim would never make comments about her mother that would create such a controversy,” the insider added.

Once again: The problem isn’t everyone finding out that Kris is a bad mother, it’s that KRIS IS A BAD MOTHER. And just in case this needed a finishing flourish upon it…

The momager is even saying the revelation is ruining her family ski vacation in Park City.

Oh no. Your ski vacation is ruined. If only you felt the same remorse for ruining your daughters.

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