labor day catch-up

yo yo yo! what’s up? with the end of the summer kinda (fall is so around the corner) – i am really trying to look forward to some cool things going down in spetember! it’s still been a rough few days – we just all need to catch our breath and let fall arrive calmly and safely we hope…

so tomorrow my dear oprah winfrey is coming back for another season – and kicks off with a very dramatic show she just shot focusing on the victims of hurricane katrina – she arrived there the other day – she is one person who people can look at to give them some glimmer of hope – bush shmush – i would really rather see oprah! and speaking of georgie – doesn’t he seem like he just woke up from some odd rip van winkle nap? he just seems really out of it…what a dope…and that snort of his… :(

but more fun & fabulous on septh 6th is the kick-off to a new gay-themed blog called queerty (a play on QWERTY) – so here is the quick skinny on the new site direct from cutie david hauslaib over at our dear jossip

It’s written by blog superstar Bradford Shellhammer [ ] of pre-blogging blog fame and
published by me, David Hauslaib, who moonlights as the editor and
publisher of Jossip [ ], the celebrity and media gossip blog you’re wasting valuable company time reading…

so be sure to check it out (i just had a sneak preview and it’s super great – love it!) – rock on david & bradford! congrats!

i think i’m gonna call it ‘labor’ day – i was a bit lazy in bringing you some good stuff (i will be on ALL week) – however the stuff i did bring out today – oprah winfrey and queerty are two things well worth your time! popbytes out for now…much love to all! xxoo

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