Lady Gaga: I’m the Queen of the Universe!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Remember how one of Lady Gaga‘s former personal assistants, Jennifer O’Neill, was suing her for unpaid overtime? Well, according to RadarOnline, Lady Gaga has hit back at the claims in a 200-page witness report, and … yeah, I really don’t think she helped herself at all.

“This is it: when I need you, I need you,” is the way Gaga presents the job, according to the Mail, and that includes getting up in the middle of the night to help a sick Gaga in her hotel room.

“Yes, I woke her up in the middle of the night because I can’t get anyone to help me. I wouldn’t know how to call a doctor…if I am sick and need someone to arrange a doctor or put a cold compress on my head, I view that as work, sure.”

Recalling a night in Paris, she wrote “We had the best time. Jennifer was there. She hung out all night with me and Terry Richardson and tons of socialites from Paris, and she had the time of her life. I am quite wonderful to everybody who works for me, and I am completely aghast to what a disgusting human being that you have become to sue me like this.

“SHE thinks she’s just like the Queen of the Universe. And, you know what? She didn’t want to be a slave to one, because in my work and what I do, I’m the Queen of the Universe every day.”

So basically, Gaga doesn’t understand how to call a doctor and I’m pretty sure she just implied that her former assistant was her slave. Gaga doesn’t really justify her overextending her employees, so much as she’s slowly turning into Joan Crawford. Seriously, reread all of that in the whole “NO WIRE HANGERS! EVERRRRRRRR!” voice. It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

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