Lady Gaga tried to inflate “Applause” stats?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Ever since Lady Gaga released “Applause” last week, she’s kinda turned into what the BF and I call a SVN: A swirling vortex of need. It’s a decent song and all, but girl’s been crushing for attention, and she needs 50 cc’s of Bitchcalmdown, STAT. Apparently, last night it got the best of her after she tried to cheat the Billboard charts by not only trying to convince fans to buy multiple copies of the same song, but she also tried to game the Youtube play charts by tweeting out a link to a playlist that would repeat her video for nine hours. Via HuffPo

Gaga continued to push her fans to get “Applause” to the top of the charts last night by tweeting out a link to watch the music video to the track. While the tweet has since been deleted, Gaga originally publicized a link which allowed users to watch the video 150 times in a row. Billboard‘s Bill Werde took issue with the seemingly cheap tactic to get video views, taking to Twitter to speak out against the practice. “I just hate to see anyone try to game the charts, be it fans or artists,” he wrote. “It’s not in the spirit of what we do, celebrating success.”

Look, “Applause” isn’t a bad song, but it’s pretty shady of her to try and get ahead using what basically amounts to a technicality. Let your work speak for you; don’t try and play the system for the sake of getting arbitrary numbers on your side. This is not a World of Warcraft, girl.

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