Lady Gaga wasted lots of water on “G.U.Y.”

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

I still haven’t seen the music video for Lady Gaga‘s latest single “G.U.Y.”, mostly because it involves Real Housewives. And I mean really, why bother? I like Nene Leakes, but that’s it. I cannot for the life of me care about any of these other random spoiled nobodies. Anyhoo, it turns out the making of the video was an even bigger trainwreck, as Gaga was reportedly rude to Hearst Castle’s employees and then wasted 365,000 gallons of water during one of the biggest droughts in California’s history.

A staffer at the site told RadarOnline, “Lady Gaga was extremely difficult to work with during the ‘G.U.Y.’ music video shoot,” a claim other staffers corroborated. “For three days when she was at Hearst Castle, employees were forbidden from talking to her,” the source continued. “The water had to be chlorinated because Gaga got into the pool with synchronized swimmers,” the insider, who asked not to be identified, said. “Since the water was chlorinated, it couldn’t be used for any of the irrigation or landscaping at the Castle. The water was simply drained and disposed of. It was a huge waste of water which is such a precious resource in California at the moment because of the drought.” SOURCE

Just to put that into perspective, the average person uses about 100 gallons of water per day. So math math math, Gaga just used about 10 years’ worth of Joe Random’s water for one crappy video. In the middle of a drought. What, was she worried that people wouldn’t get the artistic integrity of Real Housewives, so she held all of California’s drinking water as ransom? “SAY IT! SAY THIS IS ART! I saw things on TV, and then I put them here! I defy you to find better art!”

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