Gaga and Usher keep it classy for Clinton!

Bill Clinton and Lady Gaga

So this A Decade of Difference concert was this weekend, honoring the William J. Clinton Foundation with performances by Usher and Lady Gaga (amongst others), both of whom took the opportunity to act kind of dumb in front of America’s cigar-loving President. First up was Usher, who somehow managed to rip his pants in front of the President and nearly exposed his privacy. Somewhere out there, Monica Lewinsky just reflexively opened her mouth. Here’s the video (via TMZ):

This was followed up by Gaga, who dropped an F-bomb and made her performance all about her favorite subject in the entire world: herself. Here’s the video:

Look, I like both of these artists for the most part, but come on: get your respective shits together. This is stuff you do at your own concerts. When you’re performing in front of a former President (even if he’s the one who got intern blowjobs while in office) you need to kind of keep the overall riskiness to a minimum.

Bill Clinton and Lady Gaga

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