gaga vs. walken vs. cartman – poker faces!

This week we bend the rules a little. But it’s a teaching moment, about pop culture zeitgeist. In this case, we can only be talking about Lady Gaga, whose Bad Romance music video was everywhere last week. And let’s face it: We would be lost without our friends posting cool-ass links and videos on our Facebook walls. Plus nowadays, pop culture moves at warp speed, and if you can imagine it, chances are it’ll be viral within days. So this story goes like this: First, there was Christopher Walken‘s spoken-word interprolation of Poker Face from UK TV (already remixed), then Cartman‘s sweet Rock Band rendition on South Park. And just as I was wishing someone would make a mega money-shot collaboration of all three, Mastgrr & HatPerson got to mashin’ and mixin’ on not only a great track, but a seriously fetching video. And I’m gaga over it!

Listen to Poker Faces [.mp3 6mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

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