Lamar Odom’s life revolves around smoking crack?

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom

Want to know how Lamar Odom is doing? Well, no, you probably don’t because it’s incredibly depressing, but we’re going to talk about it anyway because this is the reality of what happens when you do drugs, kids. Turns out, Lamar has pretty much locked himself in a remote location with a pair of women and he’s basically turned into a paranoid addict. So take note kids. This is why we don’t do drugs: Because they’re both incredibly addictive and the chemistry behind them is basically designed to turn you into a horrific, empty shell of your former self. TMZ reports …

Multiple sources privy to Lamar’s current state tell TMZ … Lamar has a driver who is regularly shuttling back and forth from L.A. to his rental home with one purpose — scoring drugs, including crack. We’re told Lamar is so paranoid … he insists the driver only buy small quantities of crack at a time, so as not to draw too much attention to him — and that means frequent trips to score the drug. Lamar almost never leaves the home. He’s smoking crack and partying with the 2 women, both in their early 20s. His life now revolves around smoking crack and listening to rap music. Our sources say Lamar is extremely paranoid about getting caught. He believes people — not the 2 girls — are watching him so he’s using a phone app that allows him to text people but the texts are automatically deleted once the texts are read. The app also notifies Lamar if they try and screenshot the message.

See what I mean? This is what drugs do to you: They literally destroy every last part of you. There’s no such thing as moderation, because when you’re stuffing chemicals you could find under the sink, you’ve completely lost the concept of moderation. At best, you get out of it and you look back on it as a dark chapter of your life you don’t want to talk about. At worst … it ends exactly the way you think it will.

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