Lana Del Rey is featured in the new ‘Maleficent’ trailer

Lana Del Rey "Once Upon a Dream"

Lana Del Rey "Once Upon a Dream"

Another Maleficent trailer? Don’t mind if I do! I know I posted a trailer for the movie a week ago, but we’re going to post another one for two reasons: First, my boyfriend saw this and completely flipped his lid over how good it looked, and second it offers me a chance to talk about Lana Del Rey.

All right Lana. We get it: You’re into that whole ironic Americana thing that all the hipsters love, and I think that’s just terrific. “Video Games” was an absolutely stunning single and all, but you’re starting to pigeonhole yourself a little here with your cover of the Disney classic “Once Upon a Dream” (available for free on Google Play). It’s starting to sound samey! I just want to give you a nice tall cup of coffee and a shower, because you just sound so exhausted all the time. Are you sleeping okay? Do you need a new mattress? No one your age should sound so tired all the time!

Oh, and the movie looks really good.

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