lance armstrong does details!

first off let me just say…i’m a huge sheryl crow fan – so this is a bothersome post for me – i owe ms. crow a nice big post soon! below is bicycle boy lance armstong (we all know he totally broke sheryl’s heart somehow…) on the latest cover of details magazine (and for some odd reason i’m still wearing my yellow live strong bracelet) popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

PS don’t you just love that headline about who is snooping in your personal business online?!? everyone – ack!

on the rumors about matthew mcconaughey our friendship just kind of developed. i think people see pictures and they think we’re these over-grown frat guys.

on sheryl crow we couldn’t get it right, we couldn’t get it
wrong…we had a love for each other, and i think we still do.

on hanging up the yellow jersey i don’t miss it. i was afraid that i’d miss the thrill. but i’m so sure that i don’t want to end up being second or third that i was happy to walk away.

on performance-enhancing drugs they’ve chased me for years, and they got nothing. that’s a pretty big eff-you right there.

on asking george bush for a billion dollars to fight cancer i sort of expected to hear, ‘sure!’ but instead i got a ‘well, i’ll get back to you on that,’ and i’m like ‘wait a minute, i’m not sure you heard me.’

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