latest STAR cover – poor anna again…

good evening everybody! below is the very latest cover of STAR magazine which will hit stores this week…again featuring anna nicole‘s son daniel‘s unexpected death – there’s nothing concrete yet (final toxicology reports are still out) but it does sound like his passing had something to do with some antidepressants he was taking but it doesn’t sound like an overdose – i’m hoping it was just a bad body reaction – at least it wasn’t anything like he was strung out on cracked or some shit like that…no matter what happened he’s still gone

those last pictures of him with anna and her new baby – he looks fine – everytime i see those pics i can’t help but linger for a second – so sad and very haunting! i’m not sure how i feel about them being sold…on one hand the pics do prove that everything seemed fine & he looked ok plus helps to quiet rumors but on the other hand they’re very private pictures and the fact she’s making an estimated $600,000 is quite questionable (anna is indeed the owner of the pics) but then again magazines are going to sell from this ($) and there are rumors the money could be part of a memorial to daniel…the whole situation is just terribly icky and tragic all around but in a small drop of happy news…ms. smith decided to name her baby girl hannah rose – cute name! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS if anyone cares about the simpson/lachey divorce still looks like some more details will be coming soon – and is nicole richie the new karen carpenter? i sure hope not for nicole’s sake…poor ms. carpenter – she’s so missed even today – that’s such a shame what happened to her – so talented!

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