Lea Michele and Naya Rivera hate each other?

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera

I remember a few years back, when Glee first became a thing and Naya Rivera was sorta dating Mark Salling, there was this one story about Naya just obliterating his car after things went south for them. Which, you know, is just what happens when you stick a bunch of theatre kids together for extended periods of time and force them to work together. Eventually, craziness comes out and it’s not pretty. And apparently, that’s what’s happening again, as TMZ reports that Lea Michele and Naya are feuding on the set of Glee

Sources close to Naya tell TMZ most of the cast and crew were annoyed on Tuesday by Lea’s diva antics — like making everyone else wait to shoot a scene … while she stepped away to deal with personal matters. We’re told tensions finally got so bad Naya “had the stones” to go to producers and let them know — on behalf of everyone — that Lea was pissing off people. Our Naya sources say when Lea returned to resume shooting she got wind of Naya’s chat with producers — and left the set in a huff. Now our Lea sources had a different take — telling us Lea was totally unaware of any complaints about her … and Lea and Naya weren’t even shooting scenes together. They also say it was Naya who got tossed off the set.

Once again, that’s just what happens. It’s not that they’re bad people, and it’s not that they hate each other, it’s just that when you get a bunch of people together and have them put on a show, they go … insane. Just butt-f*cking nuts. I mean, one minute you and seven other writers are crammed together in a stairwell trying to figure out what rhymes with “histrionic personality disorder”, the next you’re having a scream fight with one of your actresses over balancing issues in act two. Shows just turn regular people into lunatics.

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