Lea Michele’s new boyfriend Matthew Paetz was a gigolo?

Matthew Paetz

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that nothing freaks people out more than the non-famous celebrity partner. You see, Hollywood stars are only ever meant to date other Hollywood stars, and when they (gawd forbid) actually fall for someone non-famous, everyone just freaks out and starts looking for darker motives or histories. Well, Glee star Lea Michele apparently started seeing someone new, and it didn’t take long before people found out Matthew Paetz used to be tied to a male escort site—or ‘gigolo,’ which is apparently still a word. TMZ reports …

Lea has been quietly dating Matthew Paetz for the last few months … she has very consciously kept the relationship on the down low. Sources close to the couple tell us … Matthew has been a hired gun for Cowboys4Angels under the alias, Christian. Cowboys4Angels — which offers male “companionship” to lonely women — is featured on Showtime’s, Gigolos. According to the website … Matthew is a certified life coach, dating expert and massage therapist … charging $350 for one hour and up to $6,000 for a weekend. For $17,500 you can get a whole week.

And? Honestly, I’m not seeing what the big deal is here. As long as he was honest and upfront with her about this, and she was aware of everything beforehand, that’s really no one’s business but her own. As long as they’re in a happy, healthy, mutual beneficial relationship, what he does for a living isn’t a big deal. And I’m not sure if you noticed, but in this economy? You’re lucky if you can find a guy with a stable, well-paying job.

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