Leonardo DiCaprio has no love for the Kardashians

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Keeping Up With The Kardashians may be the kind of unkillable cultural fixture that will some day shame us as we try to describe what a Kim Kardashian was, but if there’s one silver lining, it’s knowing that actual celebrities hate it as much as we do. Which brings us to our next story, which involves Keeping Up With The Kardashians trying to get Leonardo DiCaprio on the show, only to be turned down. Oh, and also the same thing happened with Paris Hilton, but HAHAHA! She’s not famous anymore! Page Six reports …

There was a made-for-reality-TV scene as Brody Jenner was DJ-ing at the party, with his progressively weirder looking dad Bruce Jenner fist-pumping (Jersey Shore style) by his side in the DJ booth, along with brother Brandon Jenner. A spy said, “Leo didn’t want to be filmed for Keeping Up and didn’t want to arrive until filming was over.” Leo joined his close pal Lukas Haas and a group for a Mexican-themed party for Frankie Delgado. Also refusing to be filmed with the Kardashians was the one-time reality star and ex-Kim Kardashian best friend Paris Hilton, who has recently launched her own DJ career.

Well of course Leonardo wasn’t going to go along with it. He’s an actual celebrity who’s built himself a career by appearing in respected, thoughtful movies, instead of on shows where three recycling bins and an evil cat demon yell at each other. But Paris? Really? That’s like her bread and butter. And it’s not like she really has anything else going for her. Don’t pretend like you’re somebody anymore, Paris.

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