Let’s talk about Joe Manganiello’s penis!

Joe Manganiello - Out Magazine

Yup, don’t need to change that headline. Hey, we know our audience. You’re all here because you want to hear about Joe Manganiello and how he’s going to be shaking his thing in the upcoming male stripper movie, Magic Mike (alongside fellow hotties Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, and Matt Bomer). And yes, I have already reserved my ticket. Get it girl. OUT magazine reports:

Joe Manganiello plays Big Dick Richie. He demurs when asked if he stuffed his G-string to fill out the challenging sobriquet. “Um, I’ll let everybody see the movie and they can decide,” he says sheepishly. He insists that no waxing was involved, however. “I don’t have any body hair,” he explains. “It stops at my neck. I’m part Sicilian and Armenian.” Manganiello’s Greek-sculpture physique worked well with the part. “It’s incredible what kind of shape he’s in,” says the director, Steven Soderbergh. “The joke on the set was he was walking CGI. At one point, we have him painted gold, and it’s pretty cool.” But his body didn’t get him the role.

So let me get this straight: Someone got Joe naked, then painted him gold. How has Hollywood not already lined up, like, four sequels to this movie? There is absolutely no way in hell this movie will not earn millions of dollars. Because of the penis. The golden penis.

Joe Manganiello - Out Magazine

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