lil’ kim headed to the slammer!

breaking news! oh my gosh! oh my word!

rap queen-bee diva lil’ kim is going to jail for one year! she can be the queen-bee of the jail hive now – maybe martha stewart can teach her a few lessons before she goes – oh shame shame – but at least you can’t get plastic surgery while you’re in jail – so she can calm down on that front – but i do love her and her raps & rhymes – she is a tough ‘lil’ cookie – and i know she can weather this storm – oh good times for kim…popbytes out for now!

Kim was sentenced to a year and a day in prison by Judge Gerard Lynch at Manhattan’s U.S. District Court Wednesday afternoon (July 6). The rapper was also fined $50,000 and will serve three years’ probation after her sentence. She must turn herself in to authorities on September 19. Kim’s assistant, Monique Dopwell, who was also found guilty of perjury and conspiracy, and was given the same sentence.

Kim reportedly wept and held a Bible as she spoke to the judge before her sentencing. She admitted to her crime (which ruined any chance of appealing the conviction, although the sentence can be appealed) and said she was sorry. “I take full blame for my actions,” she said. “It was wrong, and this is the worst thing I’ve ever been through.” The judge lambasted her for being dishonest, saying that her lies were an insult to him and to court. A statement is expected from her publicist later on Wednesday afternoon (July 6).

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