lily allen was awesome at her LA show!

oh i felt like the luckiest person in the world yesterday – i was desperately seeking one ticket to lily allen‘s premiere show in los angeles last night – and the ticket came through about five hours before the show started – talk about cutting it close! many thanks to my new pal charles who was kind enough to offer me up his spare ticket – for free! i arrived at the troubadour around 9:30pm – perfect time to meet up and grab a drink before the show – it was packed and of course a crazy scene ensued outside as people were still trying to get tickets which i doubt there was any by that time…i was doubly excited because i always wanted to see a show at the troubadour but hadn’t (yes shame on me) i thought the venue was great (small & intimate) and i’m going keep my eye on the schedule so i can head back really soon!

ms. allen was quite punctual and started her small set around 10pm – this was one of her first shows in the US (she played NYC (video) and SF (video) already) after exploding big-time over in the UK (her hit song smile was #1 for weeks) and i (along with my friend victoria) know lily will soon rule the states! her album alright, still… hasn’t even been released domestically in the US (it will on jan 30th) yet everyone in the crowd knew all of her songs already and sang along to most of ’em – including myself! i could barely stand still although it was super tight so there wasn’t much room to move around but i still managed to get my groove on! lily was so adorable in person and didn’t appear nervous at all! the setlist included ten songs – i think i’ve got the right order below – someone correct me if i’m wrong…she sounded great live and i became more of a fan than i already was after seeing ms. allen play live!

• ldn

• nan, you’re a window shopper

• shame for you

• knock em out

• littlest things

• not big

• friday night

• smile

• everything’s just wonderful

• alfie

and besides it being crazy packed there were a bunch of celebrities in attendance – right at the end of the show i saw hottie orlando bloom who was trying to get upstairs to see lily! these two girls noticed who he was – one of them grabbed onto him and was clinging to mr. bloom for dear life – all i could hear was ‘orlando i love you – orlando i love you’ i was like oh my goodness! finally he got her off of him and ran away with his small entourage of guys and she screamed after him…orlannnnnnnndoooooo! right after that i saw lily herself and told her the show was awesome and she rocked – which she did! then my new friend charles ran upstairs after lily – i should have followed but i get so nervous with those sorts of things! i’ll have to find out what happened up there…

next i spotted sean lennon walking around – and apparently lindsay lohan was there as well (who appears in mr. lennon’s new video for dead meat) but i didn’t see la lohan but as i was leaving i see a bunch of paparazzi chasing after gwen stefani and hubby gavin rossdale as they ran across santa monica blvd (yes they jaywalked!) to where their car was parked! she looked fab as usual – in a red beret type hat! so not only was the show awesome there was this whole circus of things going on around – i’m so glad i was able to attend – i knew this would be one of those crazy cool shows and i was right!

lily will be swinging by los angeles again in the next few months and for sure i’ll be there and i promised my ticket angel charles i would get him into that show! if you still don’t know of lily i suggest you head to her website and give her a listen – i’ve also included an interview below she did with UK’s popworld! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo! (many thanks to rock insider for the pics)

PS one small story…lily mentioned that her album wasn’t out yet here (but she did notice everyone already knew her songs) and she jokingly said ‘oh yeah you can thank capitol records for that’ and immediately the crowd started to boo on capitol and she was all ‘no no don’t boo them – they’re really good people’ – yes that might be good people but slow as molasses – they need to release that album pronto!

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