Lindsay Lohan: Accused of stealing an app!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Not to be a douche here, but is it bad that I saw this news story and the first thing to pop into my head was “Well, at least it’s not jewelry or clothing again.” Lindsay Lohan‘s being accused of stealing programs now! Our little girl is growing up, kind of! Anyway, according to TMZ, Lindsay and her brother Michael Lohan Jr. are being accused of jacking the idea for an app where you can look celeb closets and purchase the clothes they wear, which … wait, why would you let LiLo into your closet?

Lindsay and MiLo allegedly struck a deal with a tech entrepreneur named Fima Potik to work on his startup called Spotted Friend … according to the NY Post. The app allows users to see what clothes celebrities have in their closet … then gives the person a chance to buy the threads — and the celebs get a cut of the profits. LiLo tweeted about Spotted Friend in July 2013 … but for some reason, the group parted ways — and last month the Lohans started raising money for a similar app. Now MiLo Jr, Lindsay and their new business partner have reportedly been slapped with a cease and desist … threatening swift legal action if she doesn’t stop. Lilo’s lawyer fired back, “Allegations of any impropriety in Lindsay Lohan’s business relationship concerning this Web site are inaccurate and clearly designed to capitalize on her worldwide recognition as a fashion icon.”

For the record, I was on Lindsay’s side for most of this — You can argue as to whether or not Lindsay’s idea is entirely original, but copyright only protects the expression or execution of it rather than the idea itself — until that last sentence. Lindsay Lohan? Worldwide fashion icon? No, that’s not a thing. If you take a pair of scissors to a borrowed gown in the middle of a bar so that you can raise the hem from the floor to the knee? Not a fashion icon. If you think that copious amounts of brown blush on your cheek is doing any favors for your coloring? Not a fashion icon. If you can look at Lindsay and think “yeah, that looks well put together”? Not a fashion icon.

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