Lindsay Lohan fired her sobriety coach because LINDSAY LOHAN

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Oh gawd, look. We all know the story at this point: Another episode of Lindsay Lohan‘s OWN docu-series came out, where she tries to convince everyone she’s changed, and then immediately shows everyone that she has not changed. So yeah, in the latest episode, her sobriety coach tries to talk to Lindsay about her sobriety on the reality TV series about Lindsay getting sober, and Lindsay gets mad and fires her. At this rate, Lindsay will try and show everyone what an amazing award-winning actress she is by setting her director on fire and eating a camera. Via Gawker

In this astounding clip from last night’s Lindsay, the titular ne’er-do-well bristles when her life coach brings up sobriety. (I will never tire of reminding people that said life coach, AJ Johnson, played Sharane in House Party.) In fact, Lohan is pissed that Johnson is bringing this up on camera, saying, “This is something I don’t feel comfortable discussing on camera, and I thought you, as my friend, of all people would tell me in private.” And then she reiterates: “I’m just a little bit offended at the fact that we’ve had a personal relationship off camera, and it’s something that you’re throwing at me on camera. I would have appreciated you saying it to me one-on-one first.”

Does Lindsay understand the point of a reality show? specifically, the reality show she is currently on? And how it’s meant to be a documentary about her getting life together? And this woman is trying to help her get her life together on the show? Because I’m pretty sure she seems to think this is just like Liz & Dick. “All right, so I’m playing Elizabeth Taylor in this scene. And Elizabeth Taylor never had a sober coach. This isn’t factually accurate, and ELIZABETH TAYLOR WILL BURN THIS WORLD TO THE GROUND IF SHE DOESN’T GET A GAWDDAMN CHARDONNAY IN HER.”

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