Lindsay Lohan had Paris Hilton’s brother beaten up?

Barron Hilton

Last week, I threw Paris Hilton a pity post, because it was a slow news day and I figured that her career and public profile had fallen so far that she could use a bit of notoriety. Well, apparently she got a taste and wanted the whole pie, because over the weekend, her brother Barron Hilton got his ass kicked in Miami and now she’s trying to blame Lindsay Lohan for organizing the beat down in the first place. And now, I’m stuck in the unenviable position where absolutely no one is right and yet I must take a side. TMZ reports …

Paris Hilton’s brother Barron is about to take Lindsay Lohan to her favorite place — no, not the Chateau Marmont — he’s planning to take her ass to court! We broke the story … Barron Hilton told cops Ray LeMoine beat his face in at Lohan’s request Friday morning — and TMZ has learned the 24-year-old Hilton is now planning to file suit against LiLo and Ray. Sources close to the Hilton’s tell us Paris met up with a lawyer Saturday afternoon — before threatening Lindsay on Instagram — and hooked him up with Barron to get things going STAT! As we previously reported … Ray claims Lindsay is 100% innocent — and says he only punched Barron after the Hilton family member got physical first.

So basically, big group of awful people got together and were awful to each other. There really is no right or wrong here. Just a very good case for eugenics. “Have you ever been associated with anyone by the name of Lohan or Hilton? I’m sorry, you’re no longer allowed to breed.”

Barron Hilton


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