Lindsay Lohan is demanding €30,000 for interviews now

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Over the course of being a gossip blogger, you’re bound to read a lot of Lindsay Lohan interviews. A LOT. Which is why I cannot believe that LiLo is now demanding €30,000 per interview over in Europe. Or to put that into perspective, $40,000 for those of us across the pond. So yeah, just imagine using a down payment on a home as a wick for a molotov cocktail, and you have an accurate metaphor for all of this. RadarOnline reports …

Lohan jetted from London to Linz, Austria, Friday, July 25, to attend the PlusCity White Party. According to the daily newspaper Õsterreich, Lohan “demanded 30,000 Euros ($40,314.03) for an exclusive interview.” According to the paper, TV channel PRO 7 coughed up the cash, while other news outlets had to make due with a short press conference — for which Lohan was more than half an hour late. “After a short autograph hour, she went back to the hotel to freshen up,” the paper reports.

And just think, all that could be yours — EXCLUSIVELY! — for the low, low cost of €30,000. Which brings me to my original point: Having read more than enough Lindsay Lohan interviews, I have no idea how or why she can justify asking that much for an interview. Especially since most of the time she’s either talking out of her ass, making up bullsh!t, or just generally being a mess.

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