Lindsay Lohan is getting thrown out of parties again

Lindsay Lohan

Yesterday, I worried that we were seeing the resurgence of the old, messy Lindsay Lohan who couldn’t control herself and made terrible gawddamn decisions. Well, today TMZ has footage of Lindsay getting kicked out of a party in Miami and then trying to get back in, because why wouldn’t you try and get back into a party where people beat the sh!t out of each other?

Barron Hilton’s bloody beatdown led to Lindsay Lohan getting kicked out of the South Florida mansion where they were partying … according to a witness — and TMZ has video of LiLo trying to re-enter the property. In the video … Lindsay’s at the driveway gate of the home trying to get back inside, but the guard doesn’t budge. Lohan’s bodyguard then says, “Your brother’s still there” … referring to Michael Lohan Jr., who was also raging that night/morning. One of the people renting the Star Island pad tells us Linds got booted because she freaked out and begged her pal Ray LeMoine to throw Barron out of the party. We’re told her demand is what led to Ray punching Paris’ kid bro.

No, bad Lindsay! Bad! Seriously, just stay home! Avoid other messy people! Avoid Miami! Power watch a season of something on Netflix instead of going out and partying with a bunch of horrible, vapid people! Just stop doing this, because you were doing SO well, and I really don’t want to have to go back to making fun of you.


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