LiLo’s alleged hit-and-run victim wants $$$

Lindsay Lohan

Just in case you were wondering if Lindsay Lohan‘s quote-unquote “hit-and-run” could get any more fake and litigious, it just did: turns out, Lindsay’s quote-unquote “victim” is demanding $100K from her, or else he’ll try and shop around the video of him getting hit by her car. Yeah, good luck with that. Via TMZ:

Sources connected with alleged victim Thaer Kamal tell TMZ … Mark Geragos — Kamal’s lawyer — has contacted Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, and made the demand … and Geragos made it clear that his client has not yet cooperated with cops by sitting down for an interview. We’re also told Geragos claims to have a surveillance video showing Lindsay behind the wheel as her Porsche strikes Kamal, then getting out of the car and wobbling into the passenger seat as the passenger takes the wheel and drives off. But our sources say none of the witnesses corroborate what Geragos claims is on video. We’re told Geragos gave Holley a deadline of today. That’s significant because Lindsay is due in court on Thursday for her final probation progress hearing. If Kamal goes to cops and presents evidence of hit-and-run, Judge Stephanie Sautner could violate Lindsay’s probation and she could go directly to jail.

I like to imagine the following conversation would occur if the two were ever in the same room:

Mark: So … you have my money.
Lindsay: Yeah, about that, you do realize I hit a freaking baby, right?
Mark: What?
Lindsay: Yup, ran right into a baby carriage with my car. With a baby inside of it. On video. You know what happened? Absolutely nothing.
Mark: I’m going down, aren’t I?
Lindsay: Oh yeah.

Lindsay Lohan

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