Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Gotti standing side by side!

Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Gotti

It looks like mafia princess Victoria Gotti is really putting all of her support behind fellow Long Islander Lindsay Lohan (who went braless at the family’s press conference) who is apparently in talks to star as Victoria up on the silver screen, in a film headed up by John Travolta called Gotti: Three Generations. I actually think this could be an amazing comeback vehicle for LiLo (sure beats jail or rehab), plus having Victoria’s blessing is definitely a good thing, girlfriend needs all the help she can get! Did anyone watch Victoria’s reality show from a couple of years ago called Growing Up Gotti? I loved that show, Victoria might be a bit on the kooky side but I basically think she’s an ok person, even if her father, mob boss John Gotti (who died of cancer while in jail back in 2002) was busy putting cement shoes on people!

Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Gotti

Lindsay Lohan makes a surprise appearance at the Gotti family press conference in NYC on April 12th, 2011 where they discussed the upcoming film daughter Victoria Gotti is pushing to have Lohan star in as herself. With all the support coming from the notorious Gotti family one wonders, how will this affect Lohan’s own legal problems?

Lindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay Lohan and Victoria Gotti


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