Lindsay Lohan bailed on Ellen at the last minute!

Lindsay Lohan

So despite the fact that appearing on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show to hock her Playboy magazine spread was pretty much the only thing Lindsay Lohan had going for her at this point, our lady of perpetual derp ended up missing her flight back to California from Hawaii and now she can’t show daytime television audiences her firecrotch. What’s her excuse this time? Got caught up in the airport gift shop again? Those $5 stuffed animals really are a draw … RadarOnline reports:

In a carefully crafted statement from her rep, Lohan’s latest excuse is “Lindsay was delayed in Hawaii due to a travel-related issue.” As for missing the show, the one and only interview she was going to do to promote the cover, her rep said “Lindsay offered to tape Ellen tomorrow, but the show was unable to shift things around, and tomorrow is their last day of taping for the season.”

A ‘travel-related issue’? Oh man, they can’t even be bothered to lie for her any more. They’re not even trying! That’s just lazy. When Lindsay’s SCRAM bracelet went off after she went out drinking and she tried to stab it off her leg, at least they had the courtesy to make up some bullshit about how someone just spilled booze on it and that she was trying to scratch underneath it with a fork. All I’m saying is if you’re going to do PR for LiLo, you’re going to need to drop the sense of honesty and integrity.

Lindsay Lohan

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