Update: Lindsay Lohan’s community service!

Lindsay Lohan

Please, did anyone really expect Lindsay Lohan to do work? Even if it was court ordered. And she had absolutely no other work to speak of. Point is, RadarOnline is reporting that while Lindsay is keeping up with her shoplifting classes, she’s so far failed to really commit to her community service. By which I mean she’s only done about 45 hours out of the mandated 360!

“Lindsay has completed around 45 hours of her service at the women’s shelter,” a source close to the actress tells RadarOnline. “Lindsay does have a full year to comply with all terms of her community service.” Lindsay also has to do 100 hours at the Los Angeles County morgue. “Lindsay is dreading that aspect the most,” the insider says.

Is it weird that when I read that she was “dreading” her morgue work, I kind of honed in on the future tense of the word? As in: she hasn’t even started it yet? Lindsay, sweetheart, even if you only did one measly hour of community service per day, you still would have finished in less than a year. Hell, you would have finished with over two months to spare. Look, if you want people to take you seriously and want to prove that you’re willing and able to work, maybe try doing the exact opposite of the thing that you’re doing right now. Because the thing you’re doing right now just makes you look spoiled and lazy.

Lindsay Lohan

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