Lindsay Lohan has Twitter fever!

Lindsay Lohan

Despite having a Twitter account for years now, Lindsay Lohan has kind of mostly been neglecting it, occasionally jumping on every now and then to churn out a comment about how she didn’t do [Insert whatever she did at the time here], or how the press is making up all these completely true things about her. Anyway, apparently something clicked in Lindsay and now she won’t get off Twitter, and is using it to garner as much attention as possible.

@LindsayLohan: I just want everyone & @TomCruise to know, that I have/had NO part in the VF story.. Nor has anyone in my life, personal and work related.

@LindsayLohan: i love all of you… #mylittlestars “a night without freckles is like a night without stars**”

@LindsayLohan: @onedirection when are you in NYC next or LA?! Want to do a track @NICKIMINAJ wanna join? @ladygaga you too?

See what I mean? How amazing is this? It’s just like … *sploosh*. So amazing, read more if you want. I like how she’s a millionaire actress, yet she still uses Twitter like a teenager trying to prove how popular she is. Bitch, relax, it’s a social networking site. Just pour yourself a glass of wine and chill for like five seconds.

Lindsay Lohan

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