Lindsay Lohan might be banging Phillip Plein!

Lindsay Lohan and Philipp Plein

So despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan spent last week screwing married men in order to get herself through NY Fashion Week (although now that I think about it, this would also explain why she made out with her own mother. Oh straight men …) it looks like Lindsay may or may not be dating Phillip Plein who is using her to model his clothes. Soooooooo that answers that question. The Daily Mail reports:

The pair only met last Friday at Milan Fashion Week, but their friendship has catapulted into the spotlight with several public displays of affection – including a kiss last night while a bodyguard appeared to shield them. Speaking of his new muse, who follows in the footsteps of Mischa Barton, Plein said: ‘For me she’s authentic, she’s talented, she’s beautiful.’

So basically, LiLo is at the point in her career where she has to bang her way into modelling for a designer that absolutely no one has ever heard of (while following in the footsteps of washed up Mischa Barton, LOL). No, sweetie, that’s what you do at the BEGINNING of your career. That’s how it works: you sleep your way through the door, and one thing leads to another and you get yourself a cushy job as a gossip blogger I MEAN – aw shit, I really have to work on not saying stuff like that out loud.

Lindsay Lohan and Philipp Plein

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