lindsay lohan does martha stewart!

good evening! yes i know just last night i did a martha stewart megapost but lindsay lohan recently dropped by to help ms. stewart make some cream puffs (and promote her new movie) at least her mother dina lohan was nowhere in sight – you know dina so wants to be rosie o’donnell‘s replacement on ‘the view’ more than anything – keep dreamin’ lady! i have mixed feelings on lindsay but damn her mom irritates me to no end! i love how martha said that ms. lohan was working up a sweat and lindsay wasn’t even on the dancefloor – she should’ve added – or doing lines of coke in the bathroom – ha! lohan’s appearance airs tomorrow (friday – woo hoo!) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS i do adore both jane fonda & felicity huffman but that georgia rule flick looks terribly painful – i have no desire at all to go and see it…


martha on lindsay’s “party girl” lifestyle –

martha: who does all your shopping? i mean you’re so busy, you’re out every night, clubbing.

lindsay: apparently.

martha: you’re a worker and a party girl too. i’m not upset about that – the party girl part i like. i go out every night! well they [the paparazzi] say i do.

lindsay on who she looks up to and listens to –

martha: is there anyone that can tell you, ‘you’re not going out tonight’?

lindsay: jane [fonda].

martha: well, you don’t live with her!

lindsay: i know, but we talk all the time.

lindsay on working out –

martha: do you work out?

lindsay: i do kickboxing but i haven’t done anything since i’ve been in town.

martha: excuses! excuses! excuses! party girls make excuses!

martha on lindsay cooking –

martha: she’s [lindsay] working up a sweat! this is so great, and it’s not even on the dance floor!

lindsay on dessert –

martha: how many of these [cream puffs] could you eat? do you eat? you know what i mean – do you eat dessert?

lindsay: yes! i love dessert. i have the biggest sweet tooth.

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