Lindsay Lohan got booted from backstage of a Coldplay concert

Lindsay Lohan at Coldplay concert

Since we all know that Lindsay Lohan really only has two modus operandi – drunk or self-absorbed – guess which one ended up getting her denied entry backstage of a Coldplay concert last week? Surprisingly, it was actually the unwarranted sense of self-importance for a change. Although who knows? Maybe another one of those orange traffic cones was blocking her way …

A source said: “When Lindsay was told she wasn’t allowed backstage because her pass didn’t allow it, she threw a complete wobbler.

“She protested to the people running the guest list, hoping they’d change their minds but it was still a firm ‘no’.

“She got even more angry when she found out fellow actress Kate Bosworth was there mingling with Gwyneth Paltrow and the band.

“In the end she got so fed up, she stormed out.” SOURCE

So basically, Lindsay Lohan somehow expected to be given an automatic backstage pass because … she’s Lindsay Lohan? Oh sweetie, when are you going to realize that won’t work anymore? I mean, yes, celebrities do occasionally get the free pass, but it usually helps if you actually work in some regard. And before you ask, no, filming commercials with puppets while under house arrest does not count as a real job. No, seriously – put that on your resume and see how long it takes before security comes to collect you.

Lindsay Lohan at Coldplay concert

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