Lindsay Lohan got herself a new publicist!

Lindsay Lohan

After finally realizing that letting her delusional-ass stage mother Dina Lohan tell everyone that she’s perfectly sober, all the while knocking back shots of everclear, is probably not the best idea, Lindsay Lohan has decided to shack up with a new publicist in order to convince the world that she isn’t a drunk, thieving train wreck.

The troubled starlet has hired Hollywood publicist Steve Honig of The Honig Company, whose clients include Fiore Films, the production company that is producing Lohan’s upcoming role in the mob bio-pic Gotti: Three Generations. Honig will handle all of LiLo’s public relations and publicity. Lindsay hasn’t had a full-time publicist since she parted ways with Leslie Sloane several years ago. SOURCE

Let this be a lesson to you all: If your mother gives you a half-empty bottle of Smirnoff for your sixth birthday, and then spends the rest of her time telling anyone who will listen what a great mother she is, it might be best if you didn’t choose her to be the one person tasked with making you look good in public. Although she would make for great security detail. No way in hell anyone’s gonna get too close to you with crazy eyes running around.

Lindsay Lohan

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