Lindsay Lohan’s ignoring her community service?

Lindsay Lohan

Oh, hey, looks like we’re back up! Sorry about the downtime everyone, but unfortunately we were having some trouble with angry Gleeks firebombing my home our server, but thankfully we fixed it so it looks like smooth sailing from here. Anyway, not only is Lindsay Lohan behind on her community service, like I said she was a week or two ago, but it turns out that she now has herself a ‘team’ in order to encourage her to take the necessary steps to complete her duty. So of course, she’s ignoring them too. Ha ha! Rich people. RadarOnline reports:

“Lindsay has completed about 60 hours at the Downtown Women’s Center. Lindsay hasn’t done any time at the morgue,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline. “Lindsay has completed her shoplifters awareness class but is falling behind on her other commitments. “Lindsay’s team is telling her she needs to log significant time to show the judge that she is working towards completing her hours, but she is ignoring them. Lindsay’s rationale is that she has a year to complete the service, so she isn’t concerned about it right now.” Lindsay’s team has a good reason to be concerned given her track record of complying with terms of probation. “The judge has told Lindsay in the past that she will not accept any excuses whatsoever for her failure to complete her community service, period. If Lindsay was smart, she would work to get those hours done,” the insider says.

Now normally, these people would be entirely right in their trying to make someone who is on probation comply with their community service, but then you remember that this is LiLo, and she can steal a necklace, go on a coke-fueled car chase, and hit a baby, and the hardest sentence she’ll get is that she’ll need to finish all of her vegetables. “Lindsay, look at me … Hey! Look. At. Me. No dessert until you finish your peas. Understand me young lady? … All right, just three bites. Two bites? All right, one bite, but you can’t wash it down with vodka … okay, you can use gin. Oh, Lindsay… you little scamp you!”

Lindsay Lohan

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