Lindsay Lohan is allegedly a homewrecker now?

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

You know Lindsay Lohan has completely tanked her public image when a story about how she stole another woman’s boyfriend comes out and it’s basically one of the nicer things anyone has ever said about her. Well, according to a report from RadarOnline, Lindsay somehow managed to seduce another woman’s man using her … I want to say feminine charms? Does that sound right to anyone else? No? Okay then.

Lindsay Lohan has been labeled “a homewrecker” by a woman who claims the Mean Girls actress stole her former fiance, according to an exclusive new report in Star magazine. Aesha Waks alleges that troubled Lindsay, 26, hooked up with her boyfriend of five years, Liam McMullan last December. “Lindsay destroyed my world,” a distraught Aesha tells Star. “I am devastated and still love him, but he says he wants to be with her and save her. Aesha goes on to tell Star about how she found out that she had been kicked to the curb. “I was supposed to spend Christmas day with Liam and his family, but he cancelled,” Aesha reveals. “A few days later, Liam finally got in touch and said that he and Lindsay had formed a ‘deep spiritual relationship.’ He admitted that he had actually been with Lindsay on Christmas, lying in bed for hours together.”

Know how I know this is bullsh!t? Because someone looked at LiLo and thought, “Yes, I would like to spend the rest of my life in a loving, sexual relationship with this.” Sorry, but I don’t believe any part of this. You could have told me that Lindsay did shots with Bigfoot before stealing The Loch Ness Monster’s bracelet and that would sound more believable than this mess.

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