Lindsay Lohan isn’t a Scientologist (yet)!

Lindsay Lohan

Because apparently, Scientology is like the new Kabbalah and everyone is rumored to be jumping on the bandwagon, Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be getting the hard sell on Xenu from celebrity religion (cult) pusher John Travolta. Turns out it’s actually total horseshit, and considering John hasn’t sold a performance since the early 90’s, he probably would have failed even if he actually tried.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress has no plans whatsoever to become a Scientologist — she hasn’t taken any classes with the Church … and hasn’t even been asked to visit by current members. We’re told Lindsay has nothing against the Church — but she was raised Catholic and plans to stay Catholic … in fact, she remains an avid practitioner to this day. It’s all in response to several reports on Friday — that Lindsay made inroads with the Church of Scientology under the guidance of Gotti co-star John Travolta … but it just ain’t true. SOURCE

Are you kidding? How hard can it be to push something on Lindsay Lohan?

John: Hey Lindsay, have you ever considered Scientology?
Lindsay: Depends. Are there any drugs involved?
John: No, but we have vitamins.
Lindsay: What are… Vi-tah-meeeeeeens?
John: Like drugs, but they’re legal.
John: Scientologist.
Lindsay: Whatever.

Lindsay Lohan

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