Lindsay Lohan: Caught up in another jewel heist?

Lindsay Lohan

You know what Lindsay Lohan hasn’t done in a while? Other than act in a respectable movie? She hasn’t gotten caught up in some sort of fakakta jewelry heist. Well, worry no more, because apparently over the weekend, she was having a slumber party at someone’s place when some pricey watches were reported stolen. She’s not a suspect, although she did allegedly let in the two prime burglary suspects, so … yeah. This is happening now. Awesome. The Daily Mail reports …

Lindsay Lohan has been accused of letting thieves into a Hollywood Hills home where she partied over the weekend, according to a new report. Police were called to the multi-million dollar residence on Monday and apparently questioned the actress after jewellery was reported missing. The 26-year old, who has not been named a suspect, has now been implicated by the owner of the home, who believes two men Lohan brought with her stole several expensive watches, according to TMZ.

Oh Lindsay, what are we going to do with you? Either you are the most unlucky person in the entire world, or you’re being an idiot, because there’s no way in hell this many things can go wrong without some a whole lot of stupid to back it up.

Lindsay Lohan

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