Well, Lindsay Lohan looks … not so great

Lindsay Lohan

Soooo, Lindsay Lohan was apparently invited to an amfAR event — or maybe she crashed this party too. Who can even tell anymore? — and decided that the best way to raise awareness for AIDS research was by showing up looking like she was dying. Seriously, to anyone who says Lindsay is the picture of perfect health and sensible decisions, I give you Anna Nicole Smith 2.0. RadarOnline reports:

In Hollywood, where so many people want to look young, veteran actress Lindsay Lohan is looking a tad older than her 25 years. The Mean Girls star, sporting bleach blonde locks with bangs, wore a long white dress by Tom Ford and a coat with patches of fur on it at the 2012 amfAR New York Gala at the Cipriani Wall Street.

No, seriously, what the hell is going on here? What exactly does a 25-year-old girl have to do to end up looking like her 50-year-old? Aside from crack, jack, heroine, crystal, tina, angel dust, and vegan pot banana bread. Look, you can pretend that LiLo is doing fine and we’re doing some great disservice to her by pointing at what she’s become and going “Oh, hey, that’s not right”, but who are we kidding, it’d be worse to just nod in agreement and say “Great life choices, Lindsay! Keep doing exactly what you’re doing!”

Lindsay Lohan

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