LiLo might have landed herself a new movie!

Lindsay Lohan

I know I say this, like, once a month here, but it looks like Lindsay Lohan is ready for her comeback! Well, assuming she doesn’t go to jail or overdose and die from alcohol poisoning. Knock on wood here. Anyway, Lindsay’s in talks to star in an upcoming drama called Escaping The Game, a movie about celebrities faking their own deaths to escape their careers. As opposed to Lindsay, who escaped her career by killing it for real.

Lindsay Lohan could be back before the cameras by late summer, has learned exclusively. The Mean Girls star has committed to star inEscaping the Game, a drama to be shot in the U.S. and Spain. The contracts have not yet been signed, producer Nathan Folks tells exclusively but he’s optimistic Lindsay will not be going to jail and they can get the deal done in the next several weeks. SOURCE

In all honesty, I really do hope she gets her life back on track this time, if only because I’ve run out of funny ways to rephrase the sentence “crazy freckled bitch sure loves alcohol and cocaine”. Seriously, that’s not a renewable resource, okay? We need to conserve our jokes about rampant alcoholism and red heads before it’s too late! Somebody make a commercial featuring a crying Native American, ASAP!

Lindsay Lohan

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