Lindsay Lohan refused to leave Brazil

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Let’s recap Lindsay Lohan‘s current situation here, shall we? She’s broke, unhireable, and since the lockdown rehab she was sentenced to doesn’t even exist, chances are she’s going to be a in crapload of trouble once she comes back home. So of course, Lindsay has decided to extend her trip to Brazil, and is trying to find someone to pay for it. Yeah, that sounds about right. E! Online reports …

The troubled 26-year-old star, who’s been in South America since Thursday for a promotional gig with John John Denim, isn’t returning home to the U.S. just yet, a source confirms to E! News. We’re told that Lohan made her way to the São Paulo airport tonight only to decline to get on the plane back to New York City. “She’s staying on her own dime,” a source says of LiLo, who tried to get someone else to foot the bill for her extended stay in Brazil. Lindsay has since left the airport with her friend Patty and checked into the Emiliano Hotel. Her manager left the country without her. “She is staying against everyone’s advice,” a source says.

The confusing thing in all of this is, simply put, Lindsay doesn’t need a vacation. It’s not like she has some strenuous job that she needs to get away from. All she does is go out and party and drink and party and occasionally get paid tons of money for acting gigs she doesn’t really deserve. Is that all just so tiring that she needs to go down to Brazil and party and drink and party on other people’s money?

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