Lindsay Lohan returns to being a redhead!

Lindsay Lohan

I think the moment Lindsay Lohan really started going downhill was the moment she went blonde, a color that not only completely washed out her complexion, but which I’m entirely convinced turned her hair into a demon that constantly whispered dark thoughts into her ear. “Hey Linds, why don’t we drink that entire bottle of Jameson and see how many stop signs we can run before we get pulled over?” Anyway, LiLo has seen the light and returned to her redhead roots, which hopefully means she’s fixed. Us Weekly reports:

Fresh off her Saturday Night Live hosting gig, the actress, 25, showed off her new dye job in Beverly Hills, California Thursday. Though she’s been blonde for years, Lohan has finally returned to her natural red hue. The actress has become increasingly concerned about her appearance, multiple insiders tell the new issue of Us Weekly. “Lindsay is worried about losing her looks,” an insider says. “She has a lot riding on this comeback.”

In all seriousness, I’m starting to get my hopes up that this might finally be the time Lohan gets her shit together. I mean yes, she’s made this promise before and ended up nosediving her comeback a bajillion times, but hey, crazier things have happened. Like, oh, say, me getting my own TV show called HardTV that premiered last night and you can watch on the cable channel HardTV. As I said: crazier shit has happened. The idea that Lindsay might actually get it right this time doesn’t sound so weird now, does it?

Lindsay Lohan

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