lindsay lohan ‘rumors’

lindsay lohanall this long/wrong island stuff keeps on coming – the madness this time is about that young gal from merrick – lindsay lohan that sassy teen actress is about to release her first pop album on dec 7th – speak – yeah you heard me – she (along with heaps o’ help from producers and ‘music makers’ including that tommy mottola – sidenote: poor ms messy mariah carey – lindsay take note of that whole wreck) tossed together a whole rock/pop album so she can join the ranks of teen queen rival hillary duff – so popbytes just landed an advance copy – i listened for a very few minutes (you may have heard the single rumors on the radio – her ‘just leave me alone’ anthem) – and i just cant help thinking – this is complete utter crap – it’s such a produced cd – and completely lacks even one ounce of music credibility (pleaseeeeee – how much actual input did lindsay add to this album???)

now dont get me wrong – i do enjoy me some fluffy mindless pop tunes – yet we all know popbytes is a huge fan & supporter of real ‘true to themselves’ musicians – like björk or tori amos – i certainly cant see lindsay lohan growing as a real music artist – so with this post i wanted to take a stand on the onslaught of albums in similiar vain as ms. lohan’s – sure it will probably make some money but i think that’s all it will do – and getting down to the basics that’s the whole reasoning behind this album – sorry lindsay i know yr not a bad person but please spare us from this agony – and please no concerts/tours! go get back with wilmer and tell us one more time they are not fake – we so know they are!

ps – one of my good friends had a great sighting – courtney love – here is the scoop – oh i just love that gal! ‘Saw Courtney at the Rite Aid on Cloverfield and Pico in Santa Monica. She was browsing for nail polish, but ended up buying Carmex and Cigarettes – Marlboro Lights. She left with a male friend, early 50’s, in a blue mercedes SUV. She looked a little unkempt.’

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