Lindsay Lohan wasn’t that bad on SNL

Lindsay Lohan - Saturday Night Live

I’m about to do something here that I honestly never thought I’d do: I’m going to publicly defend Lindsay Lohan‘s work ethic and professionalism. Yeah, I know. Anyway, Lindsay hosted Saturday Night Live again over the weekend, and the reviews were … well, they weren’t kind, some media outlets are calling it the worst show of the season. It’s gotten to the point where the usually coddling RadarOnline even framed a piece on LiLo shopping in NYC as her way of filling the void of her success on SNL with retail. Seriously.

A day after her poorly-received performance hosting Saturday Night Live, Lindsay Lohan embarked on a retail therapy expedition in her native New York City Sunday, and RadarOnline has the pics.

The blonde diva wore sunglasses and a grey coat as she accompanied her siblings Ali and Cody into the store Rag Bone, less than 24 hours after her fourth time hosting NBC’s iconic comedy showcase was declared the year’s worst by Entertainment Weekly and other media outlets.

The Mean Girls star, in limited time at the forefront of the skits, looked rusty in front of the camera after a long layoff due to her ongoing legal woes.

All right, here’s the thing … Lindsay’s episode wasn’t that bad. The ‘Real Disney Housewives’ sketch was actually really funny, the psychic awards show bit was also pretty good, the only really bad sketch was the scared straight bit where she fumbled her lines trying to read the teleprompter. And the sketches that didn’t include her weren’t that great. Hell, they actually reused two pre-recorded sketches, so it’s not like the show was setting the bar high itself. Was she the best host? Well, no, but I don’t think she was as bad as everyone says she was. She actually did … ugh … pretty well. Oh lord, I think I’m going soft.

Lindsay Lohan - Saturday Night Live

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