lindsay lohan scores herself a DUI!

hey hey! it sounds like lindsay lohan found herself in a bit of trouble early this morning when she was cited for a DUI – the scoop below is direct from tmz & splash news just posted video of the scene!

lindsay lohan was cited for investigation of driving under the influence saturday and was slightly injured when her mercedes struck a curb, police told the associated press. lohan, 20, and two other passengers were in her 2005 mercedes sl-65 convertible when it crashed at about 5:30 am into a curb on sunset blvd., sgt. mike foxen told the ap. read more

this comes just before ms. lohan turns twenty-one (let’s not forget that’s the legal drinking age around these parts) i wonder if she’ll still have svedka vodka sponsor her big bash in las vegas on july 2nd? if she doesn’t watch herself she’ll be the next gal heading to the slammer – like paris hilton – the start of her jailtime is right around the corner (june 5th) i can’t wait to hear how ultimate stage mother dina lohan will try to spin this one around – and there could even be more trouble as there was cocaine found at the scene as well! (not on lindsay but probably in her glove compartment!) thanks to my pal jane who left me a message about lindsay’s latest drama filled situation (i tossed together the picture below of lindsay below for kicks!)

on a quick personal note my doggie parker is totally fine – a bit groggy & tired from his dental procedure but his teeth look great and the ones causing trouble are gone! i’m going to watch a movie and make myself a much needed sandwich! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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