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What the hell is it with people and trying to cash in on Lindsay Lohan? Seriously, is it like some sort of pheromone that she releases that causes everyone around her to try and sell her out for the price of bus fare and a lukewarm Diet Coke? Anyway, that jewelery store she allegedly stole from has gone into full famewhore mode, and is now charging people $2.99 to watch the infamous security footage, which would be great if it weren’t of questionable legality and completely goddamn stupid.

Lindsay Lohan theft case is charging online users $2.99 to watch the surveillance video showing the actress allegedly stealing a $2500 necklace, is exclusively reporting. The video, which was first obtained by The Associated Press and licensed to Entertainment Tonight, shows four different camera angles and is 42 minutes in length.

On, a representative associated with Kamofie & Company is promising to post “new content every day” and are attempting to seduce an audience to “come back tomorrow for more.”

“We will help you make-up your mind about what really happened,” the website brazenly declares. SOURCE

Wow, that just sounds like the worst porn site ever. On one hand, Lindsay has a pretty long history of allegedly stealing shit that doesn’t belong to her, and on the other, she’s also working with the brain function of a lemming, so I’m not sure if she’s really guilty so much as she is legally dumb. That being said, taking advantage of someone, no matter what their past is, is a supremely shitty and incredibly skeezy thing to do. Seriously, Linda Lovelace is probably looking down and thinking “Man, that girl is getting a raw deal.”

Lindsay Lohan

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