Lindsay Lohan wants you to know she’s not drinking!

Lindsay Lohan

No, seriously you guys! Lindsay Lohan is super serious this time! She’s totally not drinking or anything! Also, cake is not delicious, the sky is pink and The Hangover Part II is a cinematic masterpiece that makes Citizen Kane look like Scooby Doo 3: We’ve Fucking Given Up. Anyway, a blog (that isn’t us! I know, I’m as surprised as you are) has been sent a cease-and-desist by the Lohan camp after threatening to release a story about Lindsay having a couple of glasses of wine while she was out to dinner. A glass of wine with dinner? Scandalous.

TMZ has learned … the story began when someone at Gjelina restaurant in Venice, CA told several photogs — including TMZ — that Lindsay was inside the eatery Wednesday night drinking two glasses of red wine. But Lindsay flatly DENIES she had anything to drink — and her camp is so outraged, they are sending the blog a cease and desist letter demanding that it stay clear of the allegation. SOURCE

First off, two glasses of wine with a nice dinner? Jesus, call the police why don’t you?  If a glass or two of merlot with dinner makes you an alcholic, than congratulations: Everyone you know is now in AA. That being said, why the hell did Lohan even bother trying to get this taken down? Does anyone even care at this point? Hell, it’s like Tom Cruise‘s purported sexuality: Yes, we all know what’s really going on at this point, and the only reason people even care is because you keep emphatically denying it. Let it go and others with follow suit.

Lindsay Lohan

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