Lisa Lampanelli: Celebrity Apprentice’s villain?

Lisa Lampanelli

I’m not sure if you heard this, but a while back, Donald Trump snubbed Lisa Lampanelli at a basketball game by making sure all the pretty contestants on The Celebrity Apprentice (read: they’re useless but willing to fuck Trump so they’ll go far) got front row for the sake of publicity while she was pushed to the back. Well, Lisa didn’t like that, and now Donald is claiming that Lisa will be edited to look like the villain of the show. So basically, the only competent one. Sure, why not. Access Hollywood reports:

“We have an interesting combination. You have Lisa Lampanelli … first of all she’s a great character and a great person, but she’s nasty and she’s got that mouth that you two know about,” Donald told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover as he appeared on the show via satellite from New York City. Donald went on to explain that on this season of the show, Lisa spars with pageant beauty Dayana Mendoza. “She goes after — we have Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, who’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, and she’s a huge celebrity in South America in particular. She was from Venezuela. She was Miss Venezuela, became Miss Universe, and Lisa Lampanelli doesn’t like her,” he explained. “Why she doesn’t like her? That’s a long story, but she doesn’t like her and those two go at it and actually, it’s amazing to see it. You sort of have opposites. It’s going to be great.”

Here’s why Lisa probably hates this Dayana bitch: because she’s useless and has no business experience, but she’s kept around anyway because Trump needs to ogle big ol’ titties in the boardroom. Believe me, I’d hate her too. So yeah, I’m not buying Lisa as the villain when she’s the only person speaking truth to power.

Lisa Lampanelli

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