Laurie from ‘That 70’s Show’ is in trouble

Lisa Robin Kelly

I’ve been trying to ignore the whole ‘Lisa Robin Kelly allegedly beat up her roommate’ fiasco that’s been brewing, mostly because when your biggest credit is playing Eric Forman’s (Topher Grace) sister on a show that was cancelled years ago, as well as looking like a total Faces of Meth girl, there really isn’t that much I can go on for laughs. That being said, Laurie (who are we kidding, she’ll always be Laurie, not Lisa) decided to release a crack statement saying that the roommate who accused her of beating him up framed her, and this is why you don’t do crystal meth, kids. TMZ reports:

Lisa says she’s been having issues with the guy for a while … and tried to leave the pad for good on Friday, but he became angry and “roughed me up.” Lisa says she called police … but the guy took off before they arrived … and she decided it wasn’t worth her time to press charges. A short time later, the roommate showed up at the police station claiming Lisa had attacked him … something Lisa insists NEVER happened. “He must have scratched himself or done something to himself,” Lisa says. She adds, “I am clean and sober and I have made a lot of progress. I am completely innocent. I weigh 105 pounds. I could never hurt him. I just want to start working again.” Attempts to reach Lisa’s roommate were unsuccessful.

Or, translated into layman’s terms: ALL THE METH. Allegedly! Don’t do drugs, kids.

Lisa Robin Kelly

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