liza minnelli & david gest leak!

oh my word – this is the best! the liza minnelli & david gest reality show pilot (filmed back in 2002) has leaked onto you tube! special thanks to my cool neighbors over at the wow report for first posting the good times of liza & david! it’s so funny i just watched the amazing ’72 TV special liza with a ‘z’ over the weekend on DVD which i picked up at the sunset strip tower records closing sale (very sad) so ms. minnelli was already on my mind…check her out embedded below in part 3 of the show – she does a bit of georgia on my mind with legend ray charles in her apartment (may he rest in peace…poor thing is being dug up on the net with liza & david!) i still am shocked those two were even married (and michael jackson and liz taylor was there!) if i had to name someone the most ugly freaky person of all-time…yes david gest would surely be a nominee! long live our dear liza – gosh i could watch her all day long! (yes liza does seem like a typical ‘gay’ topic but whichever way you swing – you have to admit she’s simply a blast to watch) popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

UPDATE sadly the liza & david files were removed – screw youtube – anyways i’ve added a 1984 liza performance with chita rivera…good stuff as always with liza!

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