lohan, hilton, & spears – ack!

oh yes there have been some signs that the end of the world is near but this one tops the cake! an unholy alliance is forming here in hollywood and i for one am scared! we all thought that britney spears ditching kevin federline was a really good thing but now ms. spears seems to be headed down a path lined with fire & brimstone! she has taken up with paris hilton recently who has ‘graciously’ taken brit under her wing and now the two appear inseparable!

i don’t think i’ve seen more pictures of paris with anyone else (where does nicole richie stand on all of this?) and now britney is dressing like complete mismatched trash! her mom boobs are all hanging out and then there’s that whole bare beaver situation – girlfriend needs to toss on a pair of panties! and now there are reports (and pictures) of a newly added member to their group – yes ms. lindsay lohan who apparently has called a truce (ointment on her firecrotch) with ms. hilton and is all for forming an alliance with paris & brit! i wonder how this will all end – let’s just hope it’s not a remake of the witches of eastwick or a cover of that’s what friends are for!

the best part of all this though is some recent statements from paris’ publicist elliot mintz (i don’t know much about him but i hope he gets paid a shitload of money to deal with all that drama – the guy probably never sleeps!)

what i’ve observed is that we have three extraordinarily powerful women who generate a tremendous amount of attention, money, and adulation and they’re tired of other people trying to ride on their coattails and creating false dramas…

oh please! these three gals are the queens of creating false dramas! especially that lohan girl! could you imagine having to spew out nicely spun bullshit like that? i say give mr. mintz a hand! i also wonder what their moms think about this whole newly found friendship – y’all know i can’t stand lindsay’s mom dinakathy hilton – well i suppose she’s ok – but i guess i’d have to trust lynn spears the most yet with her daughter’s goods flapping (NSFW link) in the wind – she needs to step up to the plate and best make it quick! i bet she kissed the ground when britney finally set her divorce in motion!

oh my – i’m feeling a little chatty tonight – yes it’s true! this whole thing got me thinking about who else might want to join the group – you know that jessica simpson (and probably her sister ashlee) want to be the 4th & 5th spice added to the mix…i think there would be a cold day in hell before that happens – but damn you just never know what will go on with these people! (on a quick sidenote if there is a jessica sex tape – i want to see it for one reason only n-i-c-k) anyways i’m over and done thinking about this situation – i’m super curious to see what will transpire over the next few weeks! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS yesterday my one dog fidel (the creamy white chihuahua) started howling (i call it singing) like something was really wrong but everything was fine but then i started to freak out that he was sensing an earthquake but now maybe he was sensing this alliance – ha!

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