Lookin’ good, Aaron Carter!

So let’s say you’re a former teen heartthrob (think Justin Bieber, only without the stupid helmet hair and the weird date-rapey vibe) who, after years of drinking and drugs and Dancing With The Stars, is now a washed-up has-been. What do you do to make sure that you aren’t relegated to VH1 I Love The [Insert Thing You Love Here] specials?

Well, you can post a horrifying shirtless pic on Twitter of you following a work out like Aaron Carter recently did. No offense here, but GAH! What is wrong with his everything?! It looks like someone photoshopped one of those Faces of Meth mugs on the body of roid-addled sixteen-year-old and then unleashed it on the world. I’m not saying this goes against all that is right with the world, but if you don’t see squirrels throwing acorns at Carter while screaming “UNCLEAN!” by the end of the week, then nature has lost the fight!

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